Tour Travel in Bandar Lampung Indonesian

Tour Travel in Bandar Lampung City Indonesian looking to do Can to do Tour in indonesian be come to here travel in bandar lampung city indonesia Visiting Pulau Pahawang Pesawaran Bandar Lampung City Indonesia watching the Mount Krakatau eruption monument and then the journey continues by going to Tugu Adipura elephant which is the Bandar Lampung City Lake To do Walk

Well ,  to do time next Mutun Beach, with its white sand and unspoiled beaches you can swim, fish, snorkel, banana boat, ATV, speed boad and enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere. You can also cross to the island of Tefal to use boat boat while watching the Underwater Park.

So To do Next Time Participants continued the tour to visit Zoo. You can watch Elephant Attractions, ride elephants, see various attractions of various types of animals,

Our Contact Us Cv Lampung Service Kontak : 081366574266 Alamat : Jalan Raya Bumi Sari Natar Gang Bima Ruko Orange / Cv Lampung Service, Jalan Bima, Bumisari, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Lampung , 35362, Indonesia website :

Next Time , before making many trips participants must think first or prepare various kinds of tools, thus making it easier for participants to better see the needs they want Participants continue their journey to the center by in Bandar Lampung City, You can buy specialties from Lampung: Banana flavors of various flavors, dodol, sweets, Lampung coffee

Next Time , Participants visit Green Bee Attractions. Green Valley is the most Like recreational object in the city of Bandar Lampung City , Perhaps most of the residents of Bandar Lampung visit it. This flagship tourist attraction has a natural appeal in Bandar Lampung City. Composition of recreational parks and mini zoos located in hilly areas, with valleys and small rivers is equipped with an outbound arena, soft air paintball and shotguns, racing and futsal arena. We can also enjoy meals in the restaurant and stay in the available cottages. But other facilities that are most attractive to visitors, especially children, are the water boom.

Next Time , Participants continued the Culinary tour in the evening enjoying typical Lampung food in the form of Lampung Typical Seruit Resort Zoo, Pindang Patin / Belida / Baung which was very delicious at Ria Restaurant Resort Zoo in Pahoman Bandar Lampung City. We will also invite you to hunt for Lampung Durian, which is thick, yellow and sweet Participants return to the Hotel to rest. Participants for breakfast and check out from the hotel. Participants are invited to the Mall  Pasar Bambu shopping center Participants were taken to Raden Intan II Airport To Jakarta Indonesia.Does anyone want to be interested in other than traveling according to the criteria that is conveyed, it can be the next ingredient to be added as an addition to the fruit of this trip, other than that if you need a trip you want can be added

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